Dojer has been in service since 1976. We are based in Whittier, Alaska which provides convenience due to its proximity to the rail system and Anchorage. Dojer Services LLC is licensed, bonded and insured. With an excellent safety record, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. Dojer Services has two LCM8's the M/V Oscar Mike and introducing the newly repowered John Calvin.


Dojer Services is excited to announce that we are now providing our signature services from Homer, Alaska as well as from our Whittier base. We know this will provide a great extension to our ability to serve our customer's needs. 


Matt Protzman, owner/operator

Matt Protzman, owner/operator

Our Mission

As the premier landing craft operation in the Gulf of Alaska we aim to provide excellent service for the varied transportation and fuel necessities that are unique to the remote areas of Alaska.